I Wish I Did that at my Wedding

Weddings is a wonderful event worthy to be celebrated. It is a coming together of two souls a connection that is filled with friendship, love and an understanding of each other. Destination weddings is a popular choice. It something that everyone can enjoy from the moment they get off the plane and unto the Denver party bus rentals and finally, the destination. However, no matter what wedding type you are the traditional, the contemporary, the unconventional or the outright wacky; you know that it will be an emotional day.

The following are a couple of ideas that makes you say “ I wish I did that at my wedding”

  1. Wedding Wheel of Fortune

Something unique for your wedding. Just make a wheel or fortune filled with fun, unconventional prizes like – give your date a smooch, or bride and groom kiss or pick a couple to kiss or something just as fun.

  1. To go Boxes

You can go the extra miles with this one, because you’ll be giving guests to go boxes that they can take home to a love one or for themselves later. It could either be a cake or a little bit of everything.

  1. Photo Table Decor

If it’s a pretty large party and you have a lot of tables. You can have a picture of the bride and groom at different ages and use that as a number for the table. Now that is some kind of fun.

  1. Wedding Dress Pop

If you want to have a bit of color in your dress but still want the elegant white dress. You can add a tulle under your dress with the color of your choice. It’s like a secret surprise when you walk down the aisle.

  1. Live Wedding Painter

Perhaps this is a little conventional but something perfect for the moment. You should get a live wedding painter to paint your wedding ceremony, reception or guests. The painting is a nice addition to your first home as a couple too.

  1. Hashtag Wedding

Make a personalized Instagram hashtag everyone will use. You can see all the photos taken from your wedding in Instagram in one search. Plus, your guest will enjoy taking photos and sharing them around.

  1. Write a message under the Shoe

The bride and groom will write a sweet note to each other and put it under the shoe. You can also have the bridesmaid do the same thing. Do this on the morning of the wedding. Now, that is a fun souvenir.

  1. Prediction or Advice Cards

You can have your guests fill out advice or prediction cards about your future. For example name of first child, a perfect pair or did opposite attract, date of first child, love is never having to…

There are so many things you can do for your weddings that could be equally fun and daring. It all depends on what you want to do and what you want to earn from that experience.