What’s In a Walk In Clinic?

Urgent care or walk-in clinics are clinics that are mostly staffed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Their medical director is a licensed doctor and there are physicians in these clinics that are on duty. The services of these clinics vary greatly and some of them may even offer flu shots. While these clinics won’t put your health history on their files, it is best that you bring yours or tell them about yours whenever you consult with them. That means telling them what medicines you’re taking, both over-the counter and prescription medicines.  

What to Remember When Visiting a Walk In Clinic  

Walk in clinics are for one-off consultations only. Don’t visit these clinics if you think you’re your disease much worse than what it seems. If that’s the case, it is best that you consult with your family doctor or go straight to the emergency room of a hospital.  

Walk in clinics are best if you need first aid or if you suffer from minor diseases and you need to know what over-the-counter medication you need to take. That’s why you need to tell the person you’re consulting with all the medications you’re taking. You don’t want to take something that may interact with those.  

You should also tell them who your doctor is and give them his or her contact information. In the same way, you should also tell your doctor if you have visited a walk in clinic, what procedure was done to you, and what medicines were prescribed. That way, your doctor is aligned with your health.  

What to Do After Visiting a Walk In Clinic  

After you’ve gone to a walk in clinic, be sure to request for the summary of your diagnosis, as well as a copy of the treatments and medicines given to you. These should be forwarded to your family doctor as soon as possible.  

You also want these records for insurance purposes. Most walk in clinics don’t charge so much and they also accept Medicaid and Medicare. In many cases, they are accredited by health insurance companies.  

Other Things You Should Know  

The convenience that walk in clinic provides can’t be denied. However, it is important that you see these clinics only for minor cases. You don’t go there for life-threating or emergency situations. Also, you should never replace the services of your family doctor with walk-in clinics 

Walk-in clinics are for one-off cases only. They should never replace the role as your family doctor, more so if you’re seeing a specialist for any pre-existing health or medical condition. These clinics don’t save your medical history.  

These clinics are smaller than most doctors’ offices. They don’t expect to see a lot of patients and when they do, you may also have to wait longer than you normally would. That’s why you should go to these clinics only as a second priority. Even so, it’s important that you know which walk in clinic is near you. Don’t hesitate in asking people, “Which walk in clinic near me should I choose?” 

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